9 Tips For A Speedy Flu Recovery

Coming down with the flu can be downright miserable. If you can’t seem to get any better, try the following flu remedies to help ease your symptoms, speed up your recovery, and keep it from spreading to others. 1.Stay home Your body needs time and energy to fight off the flu virus, which means that […]

3 Reasons Why We All Need FlexaPlus

Healthy joints and bones are essential to having a good quality of life. Prevalence of issues related to these are quite widespread, across the globe and even in Pakistan.According to one estimate, every 1 in 4 women experiencebones and joints issues1 Symptoms related to bones and joints vary and those suffering from it may present […]

15 Essential Pregnancy Nutrients

Pregnancy: a tough time when you eat for two. As you are aware that your body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes throughout pregnancy. You should wisely make dietary selections from a variety of sources to sustain yourself and your unborn. A healthy, balanced diet will make you feel better and supply everything you and […]

How To Sleep 8 Hours In 4 Hours?

Questions like “How to sleep for 8 hours in 4 hours?” or “How to sleep 8 hours in 3 hours?” may appear absurd; however, you may sleep 8 hours in 4 hours and wake up feeling fresh and well-rested. Allow your body to function as it was made, and you will reap the blessings. Keep […]